Decentralised applications (DApps) let users interact with smart contracts deployed on High Performance Blockchain. Usually this is for added utility, sometimes for fun, and in some cases you will need to connect a MetaMask wallet. Visit the long list of all DApps here:
Below is a list of some of the more active DApps using HPB's Network.

Useful Tools

Hpdex is a community-driven decentralized exchange (DEX) for trading HRC20 tokens. [1]
Hscan is a community block explorer with many extras: faucet, API links, mint & batch-send HRC20 tokens, verify your smart contracts, leaderboard. [2]
HPB Wallet
This mobile phone wallet is secure and easy to use. View balances, transfer funds and vote. For iPhone and Android. [3]
A third-party NFT marketplace for showcasing and trading your HRC721 non-fungible tokens. [4]
HPB Vote
HPB community members can select and vote for a node and see rewards received where offered. Node operators can top up rewards. Requires MetaMask. [5]
You can now bridge the following stablecoins (USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI) and wrapped assets (WETH, WBTC) to High Performance Blockchain using Multichain with MetaMask. [5.5]
HPB's exclusive space on Snapshot will make it easier for community members to participate in HPB’s DAO governance.
SWFT AllChain Bridge
A new decentralized cross-chain swap DApp. HPB is available, making it easy and inexpensive to swap to HPB from a crypto asset you already hold in MetaMask. [6]

Fun & Games

If you enjoy fantasy games with explosions, get in early! Summon heroes and send them to battle for rewards! [7]
HPBPool allows developers to create lottery pools and users to participate in no-loss lotteries. [8]
A basic NFT marketplace that works with MetaMask on a mobile phone.
The ONE token is a deflationary yield reflection token, designed to increase its floor value. [9]
HPB17 is a Telegram bot game where you have 17 guesses to guess the correct number. If you guess correctly, you win the prize!
The Don
Stake DON tokens or double up with an offer you can't refuse! [10]

Get in Touch

If you'd like us to consider your DApp for this list, please speak to an admin on HPB Global on Telegram in the first instance.