Network consensus

Proof of Performance

High Performance Blockchain’s unique Proof of Performance (PoP) consensus incentivizes the best performance from nodes to earn more block rewards.

3 key performance indicators

Three key performance indicators (KPIs) decide which nodes write blocks, weighted as follows:

  1. network bandwidth 50%

  2. rank by votes 35%

  3. HPB coins held 15%

So, HPB’s consensus ranks and rewards higher:

  • data transfer speed Only nodes with a bi-directional bandwidth of 100Mbps can write blocks.

  • rating by community More votes from the community increase a node's capacity to earn.

  • stake in the project Nodes must pledge 30,000 HPB, returnable with a bonus when a cycle ends.

Quality control

Dynamic Node Election means a node will lose rank for going offline or failing to upgrade to the latest version of the MainNet.

Why PoP?

Computing power (PoW) or wealth (PoS) can be possible sources of domination in other forms of consensus. PoP strikes a fair balance where consistent high performers can earn more.

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