Verify smart contract code

As a Developer you can check that the smart contract code you have just deployed to High Performance Blockchain is the exact same as compiled, using this online tool:

What you'll need

The tool asks for the following information:

  • Contract Address

  • Compiler Type

  • Compiler Version

  • Open Source License Type

Once successfully verified, your smart contract will be added to the list of published Verified Contracts on the Hscan block explorer, allowing any user to check your smart contract's Solidity code before interacting with it.

Tips for verifying a contract

To verify your smart contract, please supply the same ABI as the contract that you've just deployed to the chain.

Take care to select the exact same Compiler Version used when you compiled your code. So, for example, if Solidity v0.8.0 was your Compiler choice in Remix when compiling the code, be sure to select v0.8.0 in the drop down menu when verifying.

Why verify your contract code?

Source code verification provides transparency for users interacting with smart contracts. When you upload your compiled code, the tool will attempt to match it with the live contract on the blockchain. If it not exactly the same, or the choice of compiler is different, the tool will return an error.

Like any other contract, a smart contract should give end users the opportunity to check what they are digitally signing up to and to independently verify that the code on-chain is the same as published.

Developers may prefer to audit a smart contract's code before interacting with it, to be confident that it does what it is supposed to do. This may also lead to suggested improvements, in the spirit of open source collaboration.

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