Exchanges (DEX & CEX)

HPB Coin can be traded on the decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX) exchanges listed below. HRC20 tokens trade on Hpdex.



Tips for using exchanges

  • For safety, bookmark exchanges you use and use your bookmark for each visit
  • On Hpdex, you can trade HRC20s with a MetaMask Wallet with HPB inside
  • On SWFT AllChain Bridge you can swap from ETH to HPB with no KYC
  • On PadiSwap you can trade HRC20s using MetaMask where liquidity allows
  • On MEXC and AscendEX you can buy USDT with a bank card
  • CEX often require ID as part of a Know Your Customer (KYC) registration process
  • Most tokens trade against USDT, ETH or BTC as trading pairs
  • To return to fiat, Coinbase can convert ETH to Euro, USD or GBP
  • Use a secure wallet like HPB Wallet to keep your HPB safe off an exchange.