Run a node

Once you have a fast server, storage and broadband, you can apply to run a node with High Performance Blockchain.

Server requirements

  • CPU: 16 CORE 2.0GHZ+

  • RAM: 32GB+

  • HD: 16TB 7200 SAS or 16TB SSD

  • BROADBAND: 20Mbps+

  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04 64bit, Centos 7.0+


Used equipment can cost $3,000. All nodes must pledge 30,000 HPB.


Pledge for 6 months for 10% rewards.

Nodes with 100Mbps bi-directional broadband can write blocks and maximise block rewards.

Rules & Rewards:


A short application window will let you:

  1. Register

  2. Run server test

  3. Request/install BOE

  4. Pledge & vote

  5. Activate node


HPB has a Telegram channel for node operators. Here you can get tips on installing your free BOE accelerator. Dynamic Node Election now makes it easy to rejoin the network after any breaks in service as a there are no formal elections.

Remain active in the HPB community to catch the short application window when it opens.

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