Deploy a new token

HPB provides a quick and easy tool to mint and deploy a new HRC20 token to the chain here:

Simply connect the MetaMask wallet you intend to use to control your newly minted tokens and input the relevant details of the token you want to mint:

  • Name

  • Symbol

  • Decimals

  • Total supply

Click submit. Pay your gas. Then, once you have received your new tokens, you can send them to other wallets, airdrop them, or even create a liquidity pool on Hpdex to make them tradable.



Ideally use a 3 letter token symbol in caps (eg. ETH, BTC) - this will keep future listings as simple as possible.


This represents how far a whole token can be divided. 18 decimal places is standard, allowing as little as 0.000000000000000001 of a token to be sent.

Source code

This token generator uses an OpenZeppelin v4.5.0 smart contract. You can see a verified example here and compare it to the source code here:


You will need a small amount of HPB Coin in your MetaMask wallet to cover the gas fee. Developers can draw free HPB from the HPB faucet and mint an HRC20 token at no cost.

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