Vote for a node

HPB Foundation encourages all HPB holders to vote for node operators. You can vote with MetaMask or with HPB Wallet on your mobile phone.

Vote with MetaMask

Simply connect MetaMask to vote here:

With the HPB Main Network set-up and correct wallet engaged, select the Vote tab and click Vote next to the node of your choice. Manually enter the number of available votes you wish to allocate to this node (If all, tap Max). Click Vote and confirm the related transaction gas payment.

Vote with HPB Wallet

Open HPB Wallet on your mobile phone and go to:

HPB Wallet > Discovery > Voting for Election > HPB Node Voting

Once there, choose a node to vote for, enter the number of votes you want to allocate to them and input your HPB Wallet password and confirm.

If a node is offering rewards for voters, you will see a percentage next to the node name on HPB Wallet.

Voting Basics

The basics of voting for a node are as follows:

  • 1 vote for each 1 HPB held

  • Vote for one node or many

  • Votes stick until you withdraw

Voting for a node can help it get selected to write blocks more often, so a few nodes may offer rewards for voting for them, sent daily in HPB Coin.

Community votes play an important role in HPB's unique PoP consensus and dynamic node election. You can vote or withdraw votes at any time - you only need HPB Coin in your wallet to participate.

Note: Each time you vote there is a very small amount of transaction gas to pay.

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