Hscan block explorer

It is easy to check a transaction or balance on HPB by pasting the relevant wallet address into the block explorer here:


Hscan offers enhanced features for:

All users

  • use HRC-20 Token Tracker for token stats

  • check the Leaderboard and claim prizes

  • see the status of confidential payments


  • mint HRC20 tokens with Token Generator

  • batch send HPB/HRC20s with Disperse


  • visit the faucet and try HPB MainNet for free

  • verify on-chain contract is same as published

  • use API links to bring on-chain data to your DApp

  • call random numbers, each new block has one

Node operators

  • use View Block Rewards to check earned rewards

  • see which nodes are online and writing blocks

Hscan is a community-driven explorer. Please report any bugs to an admin on Telegram.

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