Make or vote on a proposal

As part of HPB's move towards DAO status, HPB Foundation offers community members and token holders the opportunity to submit and vote on proposals here:

Make a successful proposal

A successful proposal for funding will normally include details related to:

  • Background (the problem/solution)

  • Content (what will happen)

  • Timing (when it will happen)

  • Budget (needed for what exactly)

  • Reporting (how success will be measured)

If you don’t have the required 10,000 HPB to submit a proposal, try to persuade a Council Representative to submit it for you.

Vote for a proposal

To vote for or against a proposal, simply connect a MetaMask wallet with HPB in it. You can cast 1 vote per 1 HPB Coin held in your voting wallet. The cost of participating is less than 1 cent in gas fees.

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