HPB is fully compatible with MetaMask (also many other third-party EVM compatible wallets). If you already have MetaMask installed and you have a wallet address, you can simply switch chains to HPB and you will be able to continue using the same wallet address.

MetaMask Set-Up for HPB

The details you will need for the HPB network are as follows:

Network Name: HPB Main Network


Chain ID: 269

Currency Symbol: HPB

Block Explorer URL:

To add the HPB Main Network set-up above, click on the default blockchain text top centre in your MetaMask Wallet and Add Network. If on a mobile phone, you may need to select Custom RPC. Then enter and save the details. Select HPB Main Network whenever interacting with DApps on HPB.

Setting up MetaMask for the first time

You can download MetaMask as an app for your phone from IOS and Android stores, or download it from as a browser extension for your desktop computer.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below for guidance:

  1. Once the MetaMask app or extension is installed, you will be prompted to either create a new wallet, or to import an existing wallet using a recovery seed phrase.

  2. If you choose to create a new wallet, you will be provided with a 12-word seed recovery phrase which you must make a note of and keep secure. This recovery phrase will be used to retrieve your account in the event of losing your password.

  3. Once you have written down your 12-word seed recovery phrase, you will be prompted to select the words in the correct order in order to complete the account creation process.

  4. Once completed, you will have a new public wallet address. This address is globally unique, and can be shared with others to allow them to send you crypto.

  5. By default, the MetaMask wallet loads with the Ethereum MainNet selected. In order to use MetaMask with HPB, you will need to switch chains. You can click where it says Ethereum Mainnet and Add Network using the MetaMask Set-Up for HPB you find higher up this page.

It is important to note that you should NEVER share your seed recovery phrase with anyone else, as this essentially provides full access to your account.

Importing your HPB Wallet into MetaMask

You can import an existing HPB Wallet into MetaMask by using the Import Wallet feature on MetaMask. This will require your Private Key, which you can export from your HPB Wallet phone app if required.

Importing a hardware wallet into MetaMask

It is possible to import a wallet into MetaMask from a hardware wallet such as Ledger - you will need to recover the private key from your Ledger to be able to do this.

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