RPC (Remote Procedure Call) is a set of protocols and interfaces through which the client interacts with a blockchain. The user can query blockchain-related information like the block number, blocks and node connection and send a transaction request through the RPC interface. HPB has is own RPC address, which is used in the MetaMask set-up for HPB.

HPB RPC URL: https://hpbnode.com

Web Sockets

Unlike with HTTP, with Web Sockets you don't need to continuously make requests when you want specific information. Web Sockets maintain a network connection for you and listen for changes in the data you requested.

Be aware that you do not get status code in the response to requests like with HTTP - only when there is an error to report.

HPB Web Sockets URL: wss://ws.hpbnode.c


GraphQL API support allows you to query almost all data types including smart contracts, transactions, addresses, DEX trades and DApp usage. GraphQL APIs offer the flexibility to express your data needs in your API query.

Please see the section on "Building a Graph Node" to use GraphQL. Native GraphQL support is Coming Soon!

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