HPB target audience

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is a public blockchain designed to safely handle enterprise-scale transaction volumes, offering numerous benefits:

For Entrepreneurs


5000 Transactions Per Second (TPS)


Gas fees less than 1 cent (USD)


Layer 1 MainNet, hardware-enhanced

HPB suits decentralized applications where time, cost and safety matter to end users!

For Developers

Smart contracts


Virtual Machine

EVM supported


JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Unity (.NET)

Random Numbers

Verifiable, on-chain, low cost

HPB supports Ethereum's Virtual Machine, so developers can deploy smart contracts to it using familiar tools like Solidity and Remix. SDKs are provided. HPB also generates an on-chain, provable random number with every 6-second block.

For Node Operators

Block rewards

3M HPB distributed every 12 months

Staking bonus

10% extra HPB after 6 months when 30,000+ HPB is staked

BOE accelerator card

Supplied free of charge (during recruitment periods)

HPB’s unique Proof of Performance (PoP) consensus incentivizes the best performance from nodes. Dynamic Node Elections every 200 blocks rank and rotate nodes against three weighted performance indicators.

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